Cyber Security

The term "Cyber Security" refers to the set of technologies, methods, and practices that are meant to secure networks, devices, programs, and data against attack, damage, or illegal access.


Cyber security is critical because governments, military groups, corporations, financial institutions, and medical institutions acquire, analyze, and store massive quantities of data on computers and other devices. A KIB Tech Solutions LLP company doing the inconsiderable amount of such data may contain sensitive information, such as intellectual property, financial data, personal information, or other sorts of data whose unlawful access or disclosure might have negative effects.


  • Network Security: is the process of safeguarding a network from unauthorized users, assaults, and invasions.
  • Application Security: To guarantee that apps are secure against assaults, they must be updated and tested regularly.
  • Endpoint Security: Remote access is a crucial aspect of doing business, but it may also be a source of data leakage.
  • Data Security: Data resides within networks and apps. A distinct layer of protection protects the company’s and customers’ information.
  • Identity Management: is the practice of knowing the access that each individual has in an organization.
  • Cloud Security: Many files are stored in digital environments, sometimes known as “the cloud.” Data protection in an online world involves several issues.
  • Cell phone and tablet security: Cell phones and tablets provide nearly every form of security problem in and of itself.
  • Catastrophe recovery/business continuity planning: In the case of a breach, natural disaster, or other unforeseen occurrence, data must be safeguarded and operations must continue. KIB Tech Solutions LLP needs a strategy for this. End-user education: Users might be employees connecting to the network or customers accessing a corporate app.

The ever-changing nature of security dangers is the most challenging task in cyber security. Historically, corporations and the government have concentrated the majority of their cyber security resources on perimeter security, protecting only their most critical system components and defending against known threats.